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Unable to Open or Read a OST file

  • Scores a 10/10 rating for its easiness quotient
  • Can online View OST File, emails all in one go from your Exchange mailbox offline stores to Outlook application personal stores as in the PST file
  • OST Recovery Software enriched with a rich graphical user interface coupled with the most advanced algorithms that act as a catalyst and driving agent to quicken the process of recovery along with cutting edge conversion tools packed with the power of state-of-the-art techniques make this tool a truly unique combo of awesome features and terrific recovery capabilities. On the top of it, its superb working abilities make it a one-of-its-kind Open OST File to PST format.

  • The Ball Is in Your Court – Demo Version

    Demo version available for free to test the process to Open Microsoft OST File! Offer period for demo – unlimited! The ball in your court, as in, the power of decision making rests with you as to whether or not this tool is worthy to support your interest of Opening ost files in Outlook which you decide after checking out this demo model.

    The demo gives you a perfect idea about the working structure of the tool and embraces you with a clan and crystal clear understanding about the entire procedure of recovering emails from OST files and saving them onto PST formatted file (s). This is a brilliant opportunity coming your way to know the functionality of the tool and decide to buy or not to buy the open OST File program until and unless you are fully satisfied that the tool will give you a good recovery percentage.


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    Good Value for Money – Full version

    Open local OST file using the full fledged working version of our tool by grabbing a copy of the license for your ownership of this tool. Licenses are available in three types, one for personal use of the tool and the other two for professional use of the Open OST file tool with a variety in the geographical limitations in the business license and freedom to use the tool anywhere in any regions by availing the enterprise license.


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